Saturday, August 29, 2009

Scene 40

“And the car,” mumurs Charlene, “is running.”

Myron is beginning to get the plan.

She’s biting his chin. “Hnnn.


She’s nibbling his ear.

“What,” purrs Charlene, “do they call that gas?”

“That comes out,” intones Myron.

“Mm-hmm.” She’s massaging him like a pro. “It comes out. Of the car.”

“Mon. Oxide,” Myron says, breathlessly.

“It puts you to sleep, doesn’t it.”

Myron sucks in air.

She corrects herself. “Certain people, it puts to sleep.”

Myron is wondering about her interest in healing.

“Mm-hmm,” coos Charlene, not pausing for a moment.

“It’s just a little nap,” she breathes, “for Tommy Thick.”

She remounts Myron and moans.

“Do you think,” she asks, “that would be hard?”

She kegels him a good one.

“Hard to do, I mean.”

KABOOM! Myron climaxes.

“It wouldn’t be hard for you, baby!” groans Charlene. “Not for you!”

Myron growls in satisfaction. Grrrrrr!

Charlene slumps, giggling weirdly.

“You know I’m serious. Don’t you baby?”

Then, KABOOM! again.

And KABOOM! KAPOW! KABLAM KA BABABOOOOM! The room shakes. The glass in the sliding doors pops. Orange light pulses into the room. There’s a terrible rushing sound outside.

Charlene scrambles off Myron and out of the bed to the window. Myron pops his glasses back on and pulls himself along behind her. Their mouths are open. They’re staring past the cracked glass.

Half a mile away, flames are gushing from what used to be the Fuel King. Black smoke is billowing up. Charlene is breathing in and making noise. Sort of a klesping sound. Now she’s screaming. Myron is racing to get dressed. “Charlene!” he says sharply. “Get your clothes on!” Charlene is hitting him. “Tom!” she’s shrieking. “Tommy!” She’s clutching at herself and grabbing garments. “Taaahhhhmmm!”

The alcohol is wearing off.

Now they’re running full blast through the cold to the scene. Myron has forgotten his coat. He’s shouting for Blinky. He’s thinking about the Indian. He’s running toward the flames. Charlene’s four steps behind him, still shrieking.

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