Saturday, August 29, 2009

Scenes 10 & 11

Back inside the laundromat, the man from legal is opening a large box. Ronny is trying to help him. “I got it,” says the man. “Please.”

Ronny moves away.

The formerly grizzled man pulls out some styrofoam packing and sets it aside. He reaches back into the box. “Here we go.” He strains a little. Carefully he extracts a large fax machine. Mama pulls the box away as the man sets the machine on one of the laundry tables.

“We are almost in business now,” says the lawyer.

“Look!” cries Ronny. He’s got his hands in a small case, sort of like the thing you carry a flute in. He’s fingering something.

“Little mans!”

Ronny’s found an ensemble of small corn starch busts, identical to the those that dotted the office furniture at O P & Q. Ronny is unwrapping them.

“Little mans!”

“Hey!” snaps the formerly grizzled man. “Don’t touch those.”

“Ronny!” rebukes Mama.

“You better watch him,” says the man.

After a moment, he speaks into his watch. “Claude,” he says.

“Bring the truck around to the front.”



“Blinky,” huffs Myron, “where’s the map.”

“I don’t know.”

They are racing back toward the interstate.

“Well, you had it.”

“I threw it away.”

“You threw it away?!”

Myron is trembling with anger.

“Look,” says Blinky, “I’m not a follow the magic marker type of person.”

“Where are we, Blink.”

Blinky looks over at him.

“We’re in Ohio.”

“Ohio! Ohio is not on the itinerary!”

“Yeah, well, that’s where we are.”

“We should be in Tennessee, on the way to Florida!”

Blinky looks out the window. “I thought you’d figure it out before now. We’ve only been driving for six hours.”

“I have been a little preoccupied by my blockage problems!”

Myron cannot believe the situation.

“How could you screw this up?”

“I didn’t screw it up,” retorts Blinky.

“I don’t want to go to Florida. I want to go to Indian country.”

“They have Indians in Florida, Blinky! Seminoles.”

“There are things I want to see, okay? LIke the Serpent Mound,” says Blinky. “I’ve never seen the Serpent Mound.”

“The Serpent Mound.”


“Which you’re going to tell me,” says Myron, “is a center of paranormal activity, or a place where water flows up, or some dumb-ass thing you saw on “Unexplained Mysteries.”

Blinky brightens. “You saw that one?”

Myron seethes.

Blinky reaches into the backseat.

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