Thursday, August 27, 2009

Scene 65

Most people accept that Aliens come in two basic categories: 1) bloodthirsty colonizers, and 2) empathic bulb-skulls. Members of the first group do not conceal their hostile natures, because the superior firepower they weild would soon render us toast. The second group tends to be ugly in the conventional senses of the word. They rely on our affection for the underdog and knowledge of motion pictures to make the transition from heinous-looking space beast to loveable companion.

Due to the poor behavior of certain advance agents of the Octo Empire, some have concluded—possibly erroneously—that the Octos fall in Category 1. And yet—a moment’s reflection tells us that most groups include admirable individuals as well as creepy losers. Really, who can say on the basis of available evidence whether the action of Alan, vanquisher of Professor K, betrays the hostile intentions of his race, or merely his own depravity? The jury’s out, despite strong feelings to the contrary articulated by Darryl in drafts of a direct mail campaign intended for subscribers of certain magazines.

Meanwhile the microscopic cephalopod confabulator is chugging along through Blinky’s bloodstream toward its new home in his thyroid gland. The grayish cast of his skin tracks the progress of the device. Soon, when the confabulator sets up shop at Blinky HQ, a splotchy pattern will appear, optic masses will go certifiably googly, and excess oils will begin to flow. Before long, Blinky will have become a rubberized version of himself. But to what end?

As the Quinn Transport flagship barrels down County Road 9, Blinky has begun to experience strange new sensations, best termed empathetic episodes of perception, especially in realms of invertebrate biology. Despite the apparent tactical error of having provided a human with Octo-detection powers back at Colfax Carnival, these eight-limbed space travelers may—may—be in the process of appealing to Blinky’s generous nature, so as to establish themselves—albeit via galactic species rape—in Alien Category 2. Truthfully or not.

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