Friday, August 28, 2009

Scene 58

Professor Kleinenfloncker is nursing the last of her schnapps, speaking wistfully of her lost youth in the Rhineland. Perhaps, she wonders aloud, it would have been best if she had selected a discipline or an area of research “wit more connection to ze future.” Maybe lasers, or nanotechnology, or possibly Atlantis. She looks over her upturned crystal goblet at Alan, who’s got a funny expression on his face. He’s suddenly seeming way less deferential. His upper lip is sweating like crazy. “I disagree, professor,” he announces weirdly. “You chose well. Your research drew me to you.” He leans forward melodramatically. “And you have been very helpful to us.”

His face is quivering.

Professor K recoils. “Vat do you mean?”

Alan laughs in a new kind of gurgle.

“Vat is wrong vit you—“

His expression disappears into a undulating viscous mass in the moments before his tentacles shoot across the table. They make a sound like jello on the move, but snap like rubber whips. They grip her in a millisecond and yank her face into his heinous, beaky mouth. The scream is barely underway before her head bones go khunhhhk, like a hard-boiled egg on the floor.

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