Friday, August 28, 2009

Scene 55

In a later chapter of his book, Darryl poses three crucial questions: From where have the Octoheads traveled? Why have they come to Earth, of all places? And what are they doing here now, instead of say, during the Age of Steam Power?

Some think the Octos are likely to have popped into our galaxy from another one, via a space time tube thing commonly known as a wormhole. Alternatively, it’s possible they’re from our neighborhood. Spores from earth could have landed on moons in the outer solar system, most likely Jupiter’s, and combined with elements there to create a new kind of life form that runs on methane. The author is careful to insist that the Jovian Methane-Pod Thesis is an unproven thing.

Wherever they come from, the Octos must be fleeing bad developments on their home world. Things have changed, resources are scarce, maybe a civil war or a drug crisis or something like that. It’s negative energy, that’s for sure. There could be a reproductive problem. Possibly the Octo Queen is having a hard time laying eggs.

For the purposes of discussion, the Octos have two key objectives here on Earth: 1) They need a place to rest. To recover from the negative energy, whatever it is, and 2) Real Estate. The Octos are looking to buy. Plus, to exterminate and/or enslave.

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